Windows Virtual Desktop – Configuring the RDP Feed


This is a quick post to show you how to configure the RDP feed for WVD. I will also detail how to automate the feed deployment using GPO.

Getting Started: 1 – Manual Method

Navigate to:

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\RemoteApp and Desktop Connections. Then Click on the Access RemoteApp and desktops.

You will then need to enter the WVD Feed details:

You can also find this information by viewing the settings in the RD Client for WVD also shown in the screenshot below.

Once the feed has been entered and you have selected next, you will then be asked to authenticate, if Multi factor authentication is in use, you could also be prompted for a pin code or authentication app approval.

Once completed you will see the following:

You will note when configured that the expierence is seemless and local and remote resources co-exist. Meaning you will be able see these resources in the start menu and search within, for any RemoteApps or Desktop.

As you can see from the screenshot below, Just typing WVD, brings up all the desktops published from the RDP feed.

Automating the feed:

  1. Open the Group Policy Management Editor on the domain controller and create a new GPO.
  2. Go to User Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Remote Desktop Services -> RemoteApp and Desktop Connections.
  3. Double click the Specify default connection URL key and enable it. Enter the feed URL in the Default Connection URL field.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Roll out your new GPO to your domain.


Using the RDP Feed enables Desktops and RemoteApps on demand straight from the Windows Start Menu and search. This removes the need for a application catalogue, web browser, and its all done very quickly and seamlessly through the Windows 10 start menu. Why would you want to be accessing applications from multiple locations? the good news is that WVD resolves the multiple locations and steps and WVD Desktops & RemoteApp’s can co-exist in the Windows Start Menu making the user experience seamless.

Quick Video to show the seamless experience:

Update: RADC is not officially supported, please not there is no support, use at your own risk.

As always, any questions, use the comments box.

4 thoughts on “Windows Virtual Desktop – Configuring the RDP Feed

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  1. Hi do you know how to make it seamless login? Okta MFA is on for our tenant. But if a Windows user launches remote app from start menu they’re prompted to login to the app or desktop with the same AD credential.

  2. Hi Sir,
    I read your post on Remote desktop. A well design website, easy explained.
    I have a question sir, in my company one of employee not able to start remote desktop and use SAP. He require to re-login laptop then he can use SAP In Remote desktop.
    After 1 to 3 hours work done he shifted to other work and again if he trying to start remote desktop he can’t. A message showing on top “We are refreshing your Feed”..
    Sir can you explain to fix this issue…

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