MSIX app attach Packaging Flow Chart

This post details the native options you have when it comes to creating MSIX images for MSIX app attach (MSIXaa). It is important to note that MSIX app attach is not just for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) however AVD was the product platform MSIX app attach was initially launched on.

MSIXaa works by essentially attaching a disk or cim (MSIX Image) and then registering the applications that reside on the MSIX image using native operating system API’s. MSIXaa is also known as dynamic application delivery, as the technology offers improved ways IT admins can dynamically deliver applications to users like on-demand, delayed and on logon. MSIXaa is supported on Windows 10 build 2004 and later, Windows 11 and Server 2022.

The following Flow chart (v1) details the options available to you using the Microsoft Native tool MSIXMGR.

MSIXmgr tool is great for simple MSIX images, if you want multiple apps in a Cim image or you want to package a larger number of apps at speed, you would need to look at a third party tool.

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