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  1. Hi Ryan,

    I have ran into issues where all VMs have disappeared in all my collections. They are still accessible through HyperV manager. I’ve tried using the following command to no avail:

    Import-Module RemoteDesktop
    Add-RDVirtualDesktopToCollection -CollectionName “YourVDICollectionName” -VirtualDesktopName “YourVMName” -ConnectionBroker “broker.yourdomain.com”

    Any suggestions? I have searched on and on about this and haven’t found much about VMs disappearing from the pool, but this has happend to me twice now.

  2. I have had the same issue as Richard luk. I have been searching high and low cannot find the solution all vms were in a collection and then restarted the server vms gone they are available in hyperv manager but all collection showing 0 vms. is there a way to recover from this

      1. Connection broker is fully up to date even restarted it hoping it will detect the vms didn’t happen. Every time this happens I have to recreate all the vms it’s incredibly frustrating.

      2. I have patched and upgraded the box and made sure all the services are on. This only happens when I restart the server holding virtual machines.

      3. The rd-gateway service and hyperv host service are on two boxes. If the Rd gateway server is running and I restart the hyper v host server the Rd gateway losses all vms in collection even though they show on vm host.

        When restarting I do shutdown the vms before doing a physical shutdown. The only time this becomes frustrating is when we have to reboot server for updates always thinking will it mess up the Rd gateway server.

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