RDS 2012 Deployment and Configuration Guides

I thought it would help to collate all my current RDS posts onto one to make it easier for you tech’s to find things. I will add new links to this post when i publish new articles.

  1. Deploying RDS 2012 Single Server – Session Based deployment
  2. Deploying RDS 2012 using Standard Deployment
  3. Creating a Remote Desktop Session Collection RDS 2012
  4. RDS 2012 Publishing a RemoteApp
  5. Create Server Groups for RDS 2012
  6. Deploying Remote Desktop Gateway RDS 2012
  7. How to assign a RDWorkspace Name in RDS 2012
  8. Configuring RDS 2012 Certificates and SSO
  9. Creating a SAN Certificate for use with RDS 2012
  10. Connection Broker Redirection – RDS 2012
  11. Configuring DNS for RDS 2012 RDWeb Feed
  12. Add Password Reset feature to Remote Desktop Web Access 2012
  13. Change the Icon on RDWEB – RDS 2012
  14. Configure SQL for RDS 2012
  15. MSSQL Firewall Script – useful for the RDS HA Connection Broker configuration
  16. Create a RDSH FARM RDS 2012 using DNS Round Robin
  17. Configure RDSH Farm using a Load balancer (KEMP Virtual LoadMaster VLM-1000)
  18. Create A RDWEB Farm Using a Kemp Load Balancer
  19. RDS 2012 – Configuring a RD Gateway Farm
  20. Deploying RD Connection Broker High Availability in Windows Server 2012
  21. Creating a Windows ThinPC Thin Client
  22. Remote Desktop Community Verified Application Compatibility Center
  23. Windows 8 VDI optimization script
  24. RDP 8.0 : What you need to know when connecting to Windows 7
  25. RemoteFX vGPU Setup and Configuration Guide for RDS 2012
  26. RDS 2012 RD licensing Role
  27. Troubles with Removing RD Connection Broker High Availability
  28. Useful Group Policies for RDS 2012
  29. RDS 2012 Connection Broker Role not supported on DC
  30. Configuring RDS 2012 on Windows Azure
  31. Load Balance RDS 2012 R2 – RD Gateway and RDWEB Roles configured on the same Server
  32. Redirect RDS 2012 Web HTTP Traffic to HTTPS using KEMP’s LoadMaster
  33. Configure “Connect to a Remote Computer” in RDWeb 2012
  34. Whats new in RDS 2012 R2
  35. Enabling RDMS UI Tracing RDS 2012 for troubleshooting
  36. RDS Session Deployment Powershell Script for RDS 2012
  37. Clarification on the use of Office 365 Pro Plus in VDI environments
  38. RDS 2012 Licensing Brief
  39. Microsoft Publish Windows Desktop Hosting Reference
  40. VDI Infrastructure qualified for Microsoft Lync
  41. RDSH Install Mode for adding Applications
  42. Two factor authentication for RDS 2012
  43. Microsoft Remote Desktop Client For Mac, Android and iOS
  44. RDS 2012 – Changing the Connection Broker DNS Alias
  45. RDS 2012 to 2012 R2 in-place upgrade
  46. Deploy VDI Pools Faster in Server 2012 R2
  47. Deploying a RDSH Server in a Workgroup – RDS 2012 R2
  48. RDS 2012 –  Remote Desktop Services Diagnosis Tool
  49. Migrate Remote Desktop Services 2012 to Windows Server 2012 R2
  50. Publish Remote Desktop Session in a Remote App Session Collection
  51. Deploying A RDSH 2008 R2 Server to a RDS 2012 R2 Environment
  52. Publish RDS 2008R2 Desktop on RDS 2012
  53. Configure RDS 2012 RDWeb for Access via Email (UPN)
  54. RDS 2012 Licencing Server – Users cannot connect when licencing is applied
  55. Shadowing RDS 2012 R2 Sessions
  56. RDS 2012 SQL AlwaysOn Considerations
  57. Remote Connection Profiles in SCCM 2012 R2
  58. Customisation of RDSH 2012 Start Screen
  59. RDS 2012 R2 Apps and Session’s using UPD Issue
  60. Load Balancing the RD Connection Brokers with KEMP
  61. RemoteApp POC/LAB RDS 2012 Single Server Deployment Script
  62. RDS 2012 RDSH Certificate deployment script
  63. Performance Tuning for Remote Desktop Services 2012 R2
  64. Deploying RDS 2012 Wild Card Certificate using PowerShell
  65. RDS 2012 Security Hardening Guide
  66. Capacity planning for a RDS 2012 pooled 2,000-seat VDI Collection
  67. Deploying RDS 2012 R2 On a Domain Controller – the Walk through Guide
  68. Using the RDS Gateway as a home worker VPN

8 thoughts on “RDS 2012 Deployment and Configuration Guides

Add yours

  1. I had a vendor help me set up RDS 2012. Most of my remote users should have restricted access but they are all seeing the Server Manager and Power Shell. How can I prevent access to those 2 programs specifically (and probably others). I’d try the suggestions in this article on my domain group policy, but it didn’t work: http://www.emware.nl/articles/remove-unpin-powershell-icon-from-taskbar.html

    I can’t go live with this server until this is fixed…

  2. Ryan, i have been encountering the temp profile problem over and over again on our deployment (RDS 2012 R2). We do use UPD. So much so, that i am thinking about scrapping this deployment and redeploying from scratch. I haven’t been able to find a “guide” on the correct process to remove session host servers, gateway server and all RDS servers in the proper fashion (so all instances, references are removed from AD and any other DB which may hold RDS info). Do you know the correct process or know of a doc that has the correct process?

    1. It sounds like you have a locked sessions. is this your account, are you logging in as admin ? have you tried clearing all the sessions and trying again ? can you give me a bit of background info

  3. HI Ryan,

    Thanks for your articles.

    We need to deploy Windows Server 2012 R2 RDS Farm in WAN environment using DNS round robin method.

    We have one RDS Connection broker server and 4 Session host servers.

    Please advise us how can we move further.


    1. What do you mean by WAN ? Are you referring to the solution being spread across a MPLS cloud or external Cloud ISP. OR are you wanting to create a solution between multiple sites.

  4. Dear Ryan,
    Excellent documents, though I have one issue “RD Gateway level unknown”, and grade out. I am not able to apply existing or new certificates?


    Alaa Nafawa

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