Configuring DNS for RDS 2012 RDWeb Feed

RDWeb feeds allow users to access RemoteApps straight from the desktop improving the integration of the product and improving the users experience.

How to create the DNS Record for the RDWeb Feed.

>Open DNS on the Domain Controller

> Other New Records

>Text (TXT

>Enter (_msradc) in the record name field.

Enter the following into the text field.


Configure RDS Feed DNS

Configuring RDWeb Feed on the Client


In the URL enter:



Once configured with Credential Delegation, you will be able to access work Resources from the desktop (RDAC).


6 thoughts on “Configuring DNS for RDS 2012 RDWeb Feed

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  1. Hi Ryan ,

    Your posts are really wonderful and helpful .Please guide me how to configure RDS that i can put users email addresses in work Resources from the desktop (RDAC) instead of Web feed URL.


      1. Thanks Rayan ,
        What i am assuming that email can be given from public/external network. And we need map external users email with Active directory accounts ?

        Just a thought nothing found on this yet ?


      2. I take it you are referring to the User principle name (UPN), this is possible like office 365 but you would need to change AD and ensure that all users have a UPN.

        Best Regards,

  2. From what I can tell, once you have created the TXT record in the same zone as your email domain, when you enter your email address into the URL box the RemoteApp feed does a _msradc lookup in the domain of your email address. The value returned is your RDS web server. You should get a login prompt which is sent off to the URL in your TXT record.

    Should be no config required to get email address logins to work other than create the TXT for each email domain your company owns.

    1. I am sorry, i am not sure what you are trying to say. This article shows how to configure the RDWeb feed to pubish RADC to client devices. The user UPN or HTTP web feed address will work.

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