A Deep Dive into MSIX App Attach – Windows Virtual Desktop

Introduction This article introduces MSIX & a deep dive/walkthrough on MSIX App Attach, Microsoft's layering solution for delivering applications to a modern workspace. The three main components of an End-user compute environment are typically the operating system, applications and user profile. Un stitching or separating these components enables you to simply deployments, virtual desktop delivery... Continue Reading →

WVD Reverse Connect – The Fish Tank Analogy

Introduction: The concept of secure browser isolation and Hardware\OS isolation has been raised a few times in relation to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). I thought it would be prudent to delve into a bit of detail on the security possibility's and to mention a analogy I came up with to assist with explaining how Reverse... Continue Reading →

Parallels RAS V17.1 – Provisioning Virtual Desktops in Microsoft Azure

Introduction: In the latest release of Parallels RAS (17.1), a new feature has been introduced allowing you to provision and deploy Virtual Desktops and RD Session hosts within Azure direct from the Parallels RAS Console. This new feature creates an opportunity for customers wanting to branch out to Cloud Virtual Desktops whilst maintaining a on-premises... Continue Reading →

Windows Virtual Desktop – Configuring the RDP Feed

Introduction: This is a quick post to show you how to configure the RDP feed for WVD. I will also detail how to automate the feed deployment using GPO. Getting Started: 1 - Manual Method Navigate to: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\RemoteApp and Desktop Connections. Then Click on the Access RemoteApp and desktops. You will... Continue Reading →

Delegated Access – Windows Virtual Desktop

Delegated Access overview: A useful component that comes with Windows Virtual Desktop is the WVD delegated access model. This function lets you define and control access at various levels of the WVD Structure. The role assignment has three key components, which include: Security principal, Role definition and Scope. One point to note is that WVD... Continue Reading →

Windows Virtual Desktop – Management Web App (UX)

Introduction: Microsoft first published the Windows Virtual Desktop Management UX files in March 2019. This is a management tool for WVD which provides a User interface for managing WVD resources rather than using PowerShell for the day to day running. This tool does provide IT admins and 1st line support engineers a GUI interface to... Continue Reading →

Unable to open the miisclient “DirSync” Server 2012

I came across this error when trying to open DirSync's FIM Sync in Server 2012, the application miiclient is located under: C:\program Files\Windows Azure Active Directory Sync\SYNCBUS\Synchronization\Service\UIShell Change the compatibility setting to Windows 7 and then you should be able to access FIMSync console.    

Load Balance a SharePoint 2013 Farm in Azure using KEMP

There are a lot of organisations out there like Toyota using SharePoint in Azure. KEMP are the first vendor to offer a layer 7 (application) load balancing product on Azure. I will be showing you how to Load Balance a SharePoint 2013 workload in Windows Azure using KEMP's Azure VLM. KEMP's VLM offers more features than the default Azure Load balancing solution. Please... Continue Reading →

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