Troubles with Removing RD Connection Broker High Availability

I thought it would be a good Idea to include a post that provides information on the troubles caused by removing a RD Connection Broker Availability configuration.

Once a RD Connection Broker HA configuration is installed, you cannot revert back to the windows internal Database with out decommissioning  the whole RDS configuration.

When you add the default connection broker Role, the Windows Internal Database will be used.

You can connect to the Internal Windows Database using SQL Management Studio Express & Named Pipe

When you configure a RD Connection Broker HA, the internal database data is migrated over to the SQL instance you have specifyed. Please see the link below that shows the data inside a RD connection broker database.

When you try to remove the connection brokers, you would need to be aware that all the data and RDS configuration would be Lost. This means you would loose the configuration from all roles and you would see the following:

RDS Fail


Once a HA is configured, you are stuck with it unless you want to rebuild everything.

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  1. Hello!,

    Thank you for your posts, they are very helpful!

    I would like to ask you regarding a configuration that I did. I used to have HA in my connection brokers, but now I changed the configuration to other 2 different brokers, the procedure to do that was:

    – To the existing HA brokers group, I added the new 2 brokers
    – Once I had 4 brokers, I removed the 2 olders
    – I change the Security group in Active Directory with the new 2 brokers and removed the old ones
    – I modified the DNS RR configuration changing the older Brokers for the new ones

    After doing this configuration, I can login to my existing collections but when it tries to connect to a virtual machine (I configured a pooled configuration not a session), then it connects to one virutal client, and immediately after, it connects to another one but it finally do it

    Other problem that I have is now is not working my profile redirection to a network drive, it just doesn’t load anything from my domain profile and it doesnt’ even create any new profile in my network location, despite I gave the permissions to the new Brokers

    And the latest problem is I cannot create a new collection, it just says that the Main broker cannot connect to the virtualization host (which was the older broker) or the template is not turned off, the virtualization host is working perfect and the template is turned off and with a generalize sysprep.

    Any ideas which can be the problem?

    Thank you very much!


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