Building a custom image for ESXi Lab (Maxtang NUC)

Introduction I was fortunate to grab myself an Intel Nuc at VMware Explore 2022 Barcelona, which was kindly provided by Cohesity for vExperts. This article goes through some of the steps of preparing the Nuc for ESXi 8 and creating a custom image with the VMware Fling USB Native Driver configured. Here are the specs... Continue Reading →

Enterprise MSIX app attach Troubleshooting made easy

I previously built a client-based MSIX / MSIX app attach troubleshooting tool known as MSIX explorer. The tool is good, However, you have to install the app on each device and review each problematic session host individually. Therefore in an enterprise environment, this presents a challenge, especially when there may be a larger number of... Continue Reading →

MSIX app attach Packaging Flow Chart

This post details the native options you have when it comes to creating MSIX images for MSIX app attach (MSIXaa). It is important to note that MSIX app attach is not just for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) however AVD was the product platform MSIX app attach was initially launched on. MSIXaa works by essentially attaching... Continue Reading →

Mastering Azure Virtual Desktop

I am pleased to announce a new book "Mastering Azure Virtual Desktop: The ultimate guide to the implementation and management of Azure Virtual Desktop" ready for preorder on both Packt's site and Amazon. This has been one of my Main covid19 projects where I have worked to put together a comprehensive book that covers all... Continue Reading →

Results From Benchmark Tests Completed on AVD and Cloud PC Virtual Machines

Introduction Over the last couple of weeks, I have been testing the performance differences of Azure Virtual Machines and Windows 365 based on a set of specific criteria. This included CPU architecture, Physical hardware as in PC Virtual Machine, Microsoft Azure, Windows 365 and operating system types including Windows10, Windows11 and Server 2022. I also... Continue Reading →

MSIX App Attach – Free Book Promotion Sept 6-10th 2021

Introduction I wrote the introduction to MSIX app attach at the end of last year (2020) to share my thoughts and initial testing completed. The book was also updated with additional content in FEB/March this year. As a give back to the community, I wanted to run a free book promotion so that the community... Continue Reading →

AVD Quick Start Guide on – to Start VM Connect

Introduction This quick step artcle shows you how to configure "Start VM Connect" in Azure Virtual Desktop. Steps The first step is to navigate to your subscription and then click Access control. Once you are in the Access Control blade, select "Add Custom role" You will then see the "Create a custom role" appear. A... Continue Reading →

Windows365 – First look at MimiKatz

Disclaimer : This post documents some of my findings when carrying out my own research and understanding the threat of Credential Grabbing. This was also to provide awareness to the End-user Computing community regarding this issue. Links to tools and some of the specifics around the attack have been deliberately omitted from this article. However,... Continue Reading →

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