AVD Quick Start Guide on – to Start VM Connect


This quick step artcle shows you how to configure “Start VM Connect” in Azure Virtual Desktop.


The first step is to navigate to your subscription and then click Access control. Once you are in the Access Control blade, select “Add Custom role

You will then see the “Create a custom role” appear.

A this point, you need to download the provided Json file here.

No need to enter a custom name or description, just Select “Start from Json” and use the following file Json file downloaded to configure the custom role. Once uploaded, click Review + Create

Please note upon importing the the Json file, all the configuration and details will be populated automatically from the json file.

You will then see that all the required fields have been imported for you.

Click Create and add the custom role.

Within the Subscription Access control Page, you will now be able to select the new custom role you created “Start VM on connect (custom)” Enter “Windows Virtual Desktop” only and click save as shown in the screenshot below.

You can now see the permissions within the subscription we have just configured.

There you have it, Start VM on Connect is now configured for Azure Virtual Desktop.

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