Change the Web Banner on RDWA – RDS 2012

How to Change the Default RDWeb Icon.

RDWeb ICon

You will need to modify the Site.xsl file to change the Icon.

I recommend using Notepad++ for modifying this file as it shows the lines on the left hand side.

Ensure that a backup of all the files is completed before continuing any further with this.

Add the new Icon into the image folder

You will need to add the new icon into the images folder located in:


Modify the site.xsl file

You can find the file located in the following directory.


Line 114 shows the comment indicating where to add the replacement Icon

<xsl:comment>Replaceable Company Logo Image</xsl:comment>

Change Line 116 to the new image name e.g logo_2.gif

Icon Change

Once completed, Run the following cmd:


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