Adding the Password Reset feature to Remote Desktop Web Access 2012

For those who have problems with users expiring passwords, you can use the following guide to enable the password reset.

please see the following information provided by Microsoft’s RDS Team Blog

Enabling Password reset for RDWeb

To configure Password Reset on RDweb you will need to open IIS on the RDWA Server.

You will need to modify the login.aspx file to enable this feature .

I recommend using Notepad++ for modifying this file as it shows the lines on the left hand side.

Ensure that a backup of all the files is completed before continuing any further with this.

Modifying the Login.aspx File

The following Path shows the location of the file login.aspx.


Add the following Hyperlink to line 538

Password">https://rds1.test.local/RDWeb/Pages/en-US/password.aspx">Password Reset Utility

Password Reset1

Once completed, Run the following Cmd:


Enable Password Change:

open the IIS manager on the server(s) running your RD WebAccess. And browse to Sites;Default Web Site;RDWeb;Pages and then select Application Settings.

You then need to change the property PasswordChangeEnabled available to true.

Once completed, Run the following Cmd:


You will now see the following when you open the login page of RDWeb

Password Reset

23 thoughts on “Adding the Password Reset feature to Remote Desktop Web Access 2012

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  1. i have config follow your strp. but when i click password reset, it isn’t run ? how to enable it ??? ( need config in iss or something line that) I use windows server 2008 r2 !

  2. Thanks for providing the line of code with the explanation. After inserting the code, substituting my server name I get the password change screen but am unable to direct the cursor focus to the User name field. Current and new password fields seem to work OK.

    1. Hey Steve how did you fix the issue where the user was unable to click in the Username field to change their password. I have this issue currently and not able to find a fix. Thanks Gary

  3. Thanks for this simple solution. However, when the pasword.aspx page opens there is no user name prepopulated as it is in the case of an expired password and the user name input field won’t accept input.

  4. I haven’t gotten this to work completely as I’d like (user name field prepopulated) but I was able to enable input so now users can enter their current user name and complete the form.

  5. Hi Ryan,
    I tried to add the password reset code, but whatever I do, even if I add just a comment, I keep getting the following error:

    “An unexpected error has occurred that is preventing this page from being displayed correctly
    Viewing this page in Internet Explorer with the Enhanced Security Configuration enabled can cause such an error
    Please try loading this page without the Enhanced Security Configuration enabled. If this error continues to be displayed, please contact your administrator.”

    Any idea what I’m doing wrong ?

  6. The IISReset doesn’t seem to make a difference, but finally I was able to make it work, still not sure what went wrong :-/
    I just retyped everything carefully, so could be a missing character, although I’m pretty sure I double checked…
    Anyway – it is working now, so thanks for responding !

  7. Since the time this article was written, on Server 2012 R2 the password reset logic is already builtin to the login page. All that’s required now is the Application Settings change in IIS Management and the IISReset afterwards.

    1. Thanks Charles,

      The suggested method in this article is an alternative to what you have stated and as you will agree they both achieve a similar result. However, the method I have suggested is present at all times were as your method will only show if the user’s password has expired. The method you are describing is found in IIS on the RDweb Server, Under Default site> RDWEB> Pages> Application settings > (PasswordChangeEnabled) set to true and as mentioned carry out an IISReset . The same can be done on windows Server 2008 R2 after the installing the following hotfix: , Microsoft added the Password.aspx script, containing the password changing logic. It is also important reiterate that the change password option you have stated only shows if the password has expired. If users want to show this permanently then you would need to alter the login.aspx and create href to the password.aspx page.

      Editing the %systemDrive%/windows/web/rdweb/pages/web.config for password reset is the manual way and the changes can be done either way. It makes no difference in my opinion.

      1. Hi
        The password expiration and reset is
        working, but I am experiencing quite a
        few cases where complex passwords are not excepted or the original password is “incorrect”.
        Any idea why and if this can be fixed ?

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