Azure Virtual Desktop Quick Guide to the Getting started Wizard


In this article we will take a look at deploying a Azure Virtual Desktop environment using the Quick start feature “AVD QuickStart”.

I will be deploying to an Existing Active Directory in this example. You will need to ensure, that your network and Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) is configured before starting.

Here is a breakdown of the requirements and benefits of using AVD QuickStart.


  • Active Azure subscription
  • Azure AD tenant
  • An account with Global Admin permissions on Azure AD (MSA and guest accounts are not supported)
  • An account with Owner permissions on the subscription
  • If getting started wizard is being used in an environment with an existing identity provider there is an additional requirement for Active Directory domain admin credentials
  • Azure AD Connect is syncing the USERS container from AD DS to Azure AD


  • Removes the complex multi-step process like FSLogix profiles setup, Azure Files Storage account creation, domain join, etc.
  • Create session hosts and configure AVD (host pool, workspaces, desktop groups, validation user)
  • Validate user input
  • Validate environment (DNS, firewall/NSG configuration requirements for AVD, permission on Azure AD and subscriptions)

We now look at the steps involved with deploying Azure Virtual Desktop using the AVD Getting Started Wizard.

Getting started

Located in the left hand menu, you will see “Getting started” underneath “Overview”. Click the Getting started menu button and once on the Azure Virtual Desktop Getting started page, click Start.

Getting started page in Azure Virtual desktop panel

You will now see the “Getting started wizard” appear.

Basic Tab:

  1. Select Existing active directory as your identity provider
  2. Enter a Resource Group name
  3. Select the Location (Azure Region) you want to deploy into.
  4. Enter your Azure User Credentials
  5. Enter your Domain Admin Credentials
  6. Select Active Directory for the Identity Service type.

Basic Tab of AVD Getting started Wizard

Once you have entered the details required, click Next Virtual Machines >

You will now see that the tab has moved from basic over to Virtual Machines tab.

AVD Getting Started Wizard Virtual Machines Tab

Within the Virtual Machines tab you will configure the Session host requirements.

Virtual Machine Tab

  1. Select Multiple users for “Users per Virtual Machine”
  2. Select your image type, Gallery in this example
  3. Select an image
  4. Select a Virtual Machine Size
  5. Enter the Number of Virtual Machines you want to deploy
  6. Select the Virtual Network
  7. Select the Subnet, same as the DC usually.
  8. Select the DC resource group
  9. Select the DC Virtual Machine

Once Complete click the Next: Assignments > button

Assignments Tab

You will now be presented with the following screen. You can create a test user account or skip.

You also have the option to assign existing users or groups. Again you can select or skip.

Once finished on this tab, click Review + create

AVD Getting Started Wizard – Assignments Tab

Review + Create Tab

You will now be presented with the Review + create page which is used to validate the configurations you have entered. Once you are happy with the configuration and the statement “Validation passed” is shown in a green bar, you can proceed with creating the AVD environment.

AVD Getting Started Wizard – Review + Create Tab

Once the deployment has completed, you will be notified within the deployment screen as shown in the screenshot below.

AVD Getting Started Deployment screen – Showing Deployment Complete.

As shown in the screenshot below, you can see that the Quick start has deployed my Azure Virtual Desktop environment, making life very simple!

AVD Getting Started Wizard Deployment aftermath – Resources in the Resource group.


This article showed you how to use the Getting started wizard to quickly deploy an Azure Virtual Desktop Environment. Any questions, use the comments section!

You can also read more here:

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  1. It seems like the getting started wizard doesn’t support the scenario where I have only on premise Active Directory and I have already established a site-to-site connection via VPN gateway, but the wizard is very specific to select an AD VM in azure only? Any input on this? Do I just not use the getting started wizard and have to do the setup manually?

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