Delegated Access – Windows Virtual Desktop

Delegated Access overview: A useful component that comes with Windows Virtual Desktop is the WVD delegated access model. This function lets you define and control access at various levels of the WVD Structure. The role assignment has three key components, which include: Security principal, Role definition and Scope. One point to note is that WVD... Continue Reading →

Windows Virtual Desktop – Management Web App (UX)

Introduction: Microsoft first published the Windows Virtual Desktop Management UX files in March 2019. This is a management tool for WVD which provides a User interface for managing WVD resources rather than using PowerShell for the day to day running. This tool does provide IT admins and 1st line support engineers a GUI interface to... Continue Reading →

A Deep Dive In to Windows Virtual Desktop – Reverse Connect

Introduction One of the core differences between traditional Remote Desktop Services and Windows Virtual Desktop is they way clients connect to (RD/WVD) resources. Microsoft have introduced a new mechanism within Windows Virtual Desktop called Reverse Connect. Traditional Remote Desktop Services (RDS) connectivity: Clients would typically connect to a RD Gateway for external access to RDS... Continue Reading →

Getting Started with Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) in Azure

Introduction: On the 30th of September 2019, Microsoft announced Windows Virtual Desktop General Availability. Windows Virtual Desktop brings a new era to the End User Computing market where Microsoft takes back the management and configuration of the core Microsoft Remote Desktop infrastructure and allow customers and partners to manage the Endpoint Client and Azure Subscription... Continue Reading →

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