VMware image customization is in progress on VM Reboot Server 2012

During a Proof of concept build for a customer, I have run into a issue where the VMware image Customization is in progress on the start or reboot of a Virtual Machine after deploying from Template.   To remove this, you will need to remove the line SysprepDecrypt from the registry. HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\   Delete SysprepDecrypter.exe... Continue Reading →

Enable VMware Guest Copy and Paste

Just a quick post to show how to enable copy and Past on VMware vSphere Guest. You would need to add the following to the configuration parameters.... isolation.tools.copy.disable    false isolation.tools.paste.disable   false   You can also do this in ESXI Shell: ~ # ls ln /etc/VMware ~ # vi /etc/vmware/config add: vmx.fullpath = "/bin/vmx" isolation.tools.copy.disable="FALSE" isolation.tools.paste.disable="FALSE"... Continue Reading →

Configuring Routing on ESXI Shell

A quick post to show how to create and view routes on a ESXI Host: The following cmd shows the list of options: esxcfg-route -h To set the VMkernel  default gateway: esxcfg-route -a default <IP address> or esxcfg-route <IP Address> To view the arp table: esxcfg-route -n To add a route:  esxcfg-route -a Continue Reading →

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