VMworld 2017 Europe – Day 3 –General Session 2

A great way to kick off the second day, Keynote number 2, first on stage were Sanjay Poonen, Ray O’Farrell and Pat Gelsinger, in a Q&A Session to address some of the questions submitted following on from the first keynote on Tuesday. The Q&A covered a few key areas around VMware's strategy and technology, from... Continue Reading →

“VMware vExpert 2017” Announcement

Its great to hear that I made the list for the VMware vExpert 2017 title. You can read more about the VMware vExpert 2017 Announcement on the VMware official blog. The total number of vExperts this year is 1505 and the total Number of Returned vExperts is 1,146. It is a honour to be awarded... Continue Reading →

vExpert 2016 Announcement

It has been an exciting day, VMware has announced the complete list of VMware vExperts for this year 2016. I’m privileged and honoured to say that I have been recognised as a vExpert for the third year running. This year the Community of VMware vExperts has a dedicated portal to manage vExpert NFR keys, access... Continue Reading →

VMware vExpert 2014

When i logged on to twitter this morning,  I found a very nice surprise. VMware announced the awarded VMware vExpert's (2014). VMware had published the initial list in a blog post here. I can’t be thankful enough to VMware for selecting me and all my readers out there. I also want to congratulate the rest of my fellow vExperts for the award, it... Continue Reading →

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