Deploying A RDSH 2008 R2 Server to a RDS 2012 R2 Environment

For all those with application compatibility issues why not deploy a RDSH 2008R2 server to a RDS 2012 environment. In this article I will show you how to deploy a RDSH 2008R2 server to a RDS 2012/R2 environment. I will be showing you how to deploy IE8 to RDWeb 2012 using Server 2012 R2 and... Continue Reading →

Windows 8 VDI optimization script

Thanks to Jeff Stokes, there is now a Windows 8 VDI Optimisation Script for RDS 2012. Please see the link Below.  Windows 8 VDI optimisation Script  // ========================================================================   ' // Original generated with VDIOptimizer -    ' // (c)2010 Jonathan Bennett    ' //    ' // Version:          1.3-Win8    ' // Last... Continue Reading →

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