Building a custom image for ESXi Lab (Maxtang NUC)

Introduction I was fortunate to grab myself an Intel Nuc at VMware Explore 2022 Barcelona, which was kindly provided by Cohesity for vExperts. This article goes through some of the steps of preparing the Nuc for ESXi 8 and creating a custom image with the VMware Fling USB Native Driver configured. Here are the specs... Continue Reading →

A more detailed view of a Virtual Machine Snapshot Removal – VMware

For all those who want more detailed infromation when removing snapshots from a virtual machine or troubleshooting issues, this post will show you use ESXI's Shell to gather more information about the snapshot task. You will need to enable shell, and load putty. We will be utilising the vim-cmd as is "Supported in both ESXI 4.x... Continue Reading →

VMware ESXi 5.x host experiences a purple diagnostic screen Workarounds

VMware issued a Knowledge base article detailing a known issue with ESXI Hypervisors failing due to virtual machines using the Virtual Network Adapter (KB2059053). The ESXI host will show the following symptoms: Through the DCUI you will see a Purple Diagnostic Screen showing the following information: @BlueScreen: #PF Exception 14 in world wwww:WorldName IP 0xnnnnnnnn... Continue Reading →

Create Domain Admins group on ESXI5.1 Host

For all those wanting to access the local host of ESXI with Domain credentials rather than root account, have a look at this script. I have written a script that creates a domain group on the root of ESXI 5.1 so that admins can access ESXI hosts locally with domain credentials. For this to work, the... Continue Reading →

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