Deploying RD Connection Broker High Availability in Windows Server 2012

Prerequisite Configuration Create a folder on the root directory of the SQL Server ("DB_path") "if a local path is used" (on the SQL Server). Ensure that all RDS servers are added to the Server pool. Before deploying a RD Connection broker HA configuration, Please see the following post: Troubles with Removing RD Connection Broker High Availability RDCB... Continue Reading →

Create a RDSH FARM RDS 2012 using DNS Round Robin

Configure DNS for a RDSH Farm Create new A records for the RDSH farm using the session server IP address's. Configure RD Gateway Manager Create a RD Gateway-Managed computer group for the RDSH. Add each Session server and the Farm FQDN. Create a RAP Policy For the RDSH FARM Connecting to RDSH FARM   When... Continue Reading →

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