Load Balance AFDS and ADFS Proxy in Windows Azure with KEMP

This article will show you how to load balance ADFS and ADFS proxy servers in Windows Azure using my favourite Load Balancer "KEMP". KEMP are one of the first vendors to release a layer 7 load balancer on the Windows Azure Platform. You can check out the Azure VLM Specs at http://kemptechnologies.com/uk/load-balancer-for-azure At the time of writing this article:... Continue Reading →

Unable to open the miisclient “DirSync” Server 2012

I came across this error when trying to open DirSync's FIM Sync in Server 2012, the application miiclient is located under: C:\program Files\Windows Azure Active Directory Sync\SYNCBUS\Synchronization\Service\UIShell Change the compatibility setting to Windows 7 and then you should be able to access FIMSync console.    

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