NAKIVO Releases v9 with Support for Physical Windows Server Backup

Introduction Nakivo, a fast-growing software company dedicated to protecting virtualised and cloud environments, announces NAKIVO Backup & Replication v9, which now includes support for Physical windows server backup. This announcement Further strengthens Nakivo's position in the market. Other features include Physical to virtual (p2V) simplifying the migration from Physical Servers to an impressive choice of... Continue Reading →

backup ESXi 5.0 configuration using VMA

Recently I have been backing up ESXI configurations for Backup Objectives and for new deployments to my Virtual environment. Copying the ESXI Configuration files speed up the restore and deployment times. Configuration files contain  datastores configurations, virtual switches configuration, multipaths, local users and groups and licensing information. You would first need to download the vSphere Management Assistant (VMA) from VMware. VMA Download Once you... Continue Reading →

Arcserve Fails to Populate VMware VMs after Windows Update (kb2661254)

After updating my backup server with the latest MS updates, I found that my backup jobs started to fail. The kb2661254  update will block cryptographic keys that are less than 1024 bits long and as you may have already guessed Arcserve Keys are less that 1024 bits. Microsoft has released a advisory article showing a... Continue Reading →

Data Deduplication in Windows Server 2012

Server 2012 Deduplication Feature Data is growing at a rapid rate and IT Departments have constant challenges to meet storage requirements. Server 2012 introduces a basic Data Deduplication feature which reduces disk sizes using deduplication. Potential Storage savings File Type Content Space Savings User documents Documents, photos, music, videos 30-50% Deployment shares Software binaries, cab files, symbols files 70-80% General... Continue Reading →

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