KEMP LoadMaster in Windows Azure

KEMP's VLM for AZURE Exciting times for KEMP Technologies as they have recently released a new Virtual LoadMaster for Windows Azure. This brings new Load Balancing features to Windows Azure. You can request a copy from KEMP's Website: The current Version is free and comes with free email support. Windows Azure's Load Balancing features only offers round... Continue Reading →

ISCSI SAN Storage for Virtual Environments at affordable prices

For all those looking at purchasing SAN storage at a low cost, i would recommend checking out QNAP's SAN Storage Range. QNAP has various high performance ISCSI Storage Products that are compatible with Market Virtualisation Vendors. Check them out, you will not be disappointed. 

Where does the battery cache go – HP Prolient DL380 G8

For all those who are having trouble locating where the battery cache goes. The Battery Cache is fitted in a compartment at the front of the Server on the lefthand side (front Facing). The battery sits inside a plastic cradle that then clips in to the aluminium housing  (red arrow points to aluminium housing).

ISCSI SAN Solutions

Over the last 6 weeks I have been looking at how I could reduce the costs when adding corporate storage. Storage seems to be one of the biggest IT expenditures a business has to invest in and for academic institutes it's not always possible because of the funding implications. I have been working with HP's Lefhand G1/2 P4000 SAN in a Raid 10... Continue Reading →

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