Configuring DNS for RDS 2012 RDWeb Feed

RDWeb feeds allow users to access RemoteApps straight from the desktop improving the integration of the product and improving the users experience. How to create the DNS Record for the RDWeb Feed. >Open DNS on the Domain Controller > Other New Records >Text (TXT >Enter (_msradc) in the record name field. Enter the following into the text… Continue Reading →

RDS 2012 Deployment and Configuration Guides

I thought it would help to collate all my current RDS posts onto one to make it easier for you tech’s to find things. I will add new links to this post when i publish new articles. Deploying RDS 2012 Single Server – Session Based deployment Deploying RDS 2012 using Standard Deployment Creating a Remote Desktop Session… Continue Reading →

RDS 2012 RDSH Certificate deployment script

Over the last couple of months i have been asked a number of questions with regards to certificate warnings relating to the session host server. To simplify the process of deploying/replacing the default RDP certificate on the Session host, i have written a PowerShell Script that takes care of the installation of a trusted certificate…. Continue Reading →

Configuring RDS 2012 Certificates and SSO

Applying Certificates to a RDS Deployment Once you have installed RDS, you will need to configure the RD Certificates for RDS to function properly. The RDS Certificates for authentication purposes (SSO, external access, Session host connections etc). Self assigned certificates s are no good for a production environment should only be used for LAB’s, UAT,… Continue Reading →

Public Speaking & Events

Speaking at events Interviews Presenting in webcast/podcasts Would you like me to speak at your event? feel free to contact me through the contact page: Contact me Download my “Microsoft Quickstart guide to Windows Virtual Desktop” eBook here! Community involvements: voted by Feedspot as number 29 in the Top IT Blogs in the world… Continue Reading →

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