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Over the last year I have been collaborating with Microsoft on a number of FREE resources for those who are planning or looking at Azure Virtual Desktop and VMware Horizon Cloud or Citrix Cloud with Azure Virtual Desktop. Not only are these eBooks a great source of information, they can also be used for preparing for the AZ140 exam.

Migration Guide: VMware Horizon Cloud and Azure Virtual Desktop

This eBook was written help organisations who are exploring the use of VMware Horizon Cloud with Azure Virtual Desktop. For all those looking at scaling out from on-premises to cloud VDI, then this book is a must read as VMware has an all encompassing offering.

This eBook covers the following topics:

  • Deliver highly secure remote work solutions to your organization from virtually anywhere, with a familiar Windows 10 experience. 
  • Plan for implementation with prerequisites and steps to use Horizon Cloud on Azure. 
  • Apply best practices to quickly deploy, test, and scale your app and desktop virtualization on Azure. 
  • Optimize your environment after deployment with tools like Azure Advisor and VMware App Volumes. 

Download here: VMware Horizon Cloud Migration Guide

Azure Virtual Desktop Handbook: Application Management

MSIX app attach allows you to deliver applications to users on the fly within Azure Virtual Desktop. This eBook covers all bases for everything you need to know for getting started with MSIX app attach in Azure Virtual Desktop. This book provides step by step guidance on setup and configuring permissions.

This eBook covers the following topics:

  • Learn about app management fundamentals and technologies, including MSIX, MSIX app attach, and MSIX packages.
  • Get technical, step-by-step guidance on how to centralize app delivery and management.
  • Explore best practices and troubleshooting tips to optimize your app management.

Download Here: Azure Virtual Desktop Handbook: App Management

Azure Virtual Desktop Handbook: Disaster Recovery

This eBook was written to provide guidance for Azure Virtual Desktop disaster recovery strategies and discusses some of the different tools available to you. This is a must read eBook for all those deploying Azure Virtual Desktop

This eBook covers the following topics:

Get step-by-step guidance to create a disaster recovery strategy for your Azure Virtual Desktop environment to keep users connected during an outage.

  • Learn how to enable business continuity with tools like Azure Site Recovery, FSlogix, Azure NetApp Files, and Cloud Cache.
  • Find recommendations for testing and optimizing your disaster recovery implementation. 

Download Here: Azure Virtual Desktop Handbook: Disaster Recovery

Migration Guide: Citrix Cloud with Azure Virtual Desktop

This Migration Guide helps you plan a successful migration to Citrix Cloud with Azure Virtual Desktop. This eBook covers the migration prerequisites, deployment, and some of the specific Citrix Cloud feature enhancements including Citrix App Layering, and MS Teams optimisation.

This eBook covers the following topics:

  • Plan a successful move with migration prerequisites and insights for using Citrix and Azure Virtual Desktop solutions together. 
  • Unify management and support more users across your hybrid environment by quickly deploying and scaling virtual desktops.
  • Deliver secure, productive remote work experiences virtually anywhere using Azure Virtual Desktop and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for Azure. 
  • Optimize your VDI with best practices and familiar tools like Windows 10 Enterprise multisession, integrated security features, and Citrix App Layering.

Download Here: Citrix Cloud Migration Guide


This article covers the recent resources I collaborated with Microsoft on. This eBooks are a great source of information for those who are looking at Application Delivery, Disaster recovery or even using third party vendors like VMware or Citrix to enhance your Desktop Virtualization experience. I hope you enjoy reading these and feel free to message me with feedback, suggestions for future books etc.

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