MSIX App Attach Resources List


Microsoft announced the general release of MSIX app attach on the 13th of April 2021.

Microsoft’s statement “We’re excited to announce that MSIX app attach for Windows Virtual Desktop is now generally available! MSIX app attach in Windows Virtual Desktop builds on top of MSIX and existing Windows Virtual Desktop features to dynamically deliver MSIX packaged applications to users.”

You can read more here.

Press links:

Microsoft makes MSIX App Attach, a key Windows Virtual Desktop feature, generally available | ZDNet

MSIX app attach Summary Intro

MSIX app attach offers a new capability for delivering MSIX packages to a Windows Virtual Desktop environment. The best way to describe MSIX app attach is, “Its a vehicle of delivering applications dynamically to a desktop or remote session” You can now attach applications based on groups and requirements. This provides a slick on demand delivery capability also known as “Dynamic Application Delivery” I sometimes refer to the acronym “DAD”.

Native MSIX’s are installed for a user or all users. MSIX app attach attaches a VHD/VHDX/CIM which essentially a prepared expanded version of the MSIX ready for use. This removes the need to install the MSIX and rather completes the following two processes (1) notify the operating system that the package is available (Stage) and (2) making the app package available to the user (register).

If a user needs an application in session, it is now possible using MSIX app attach to deliver required MSIX applications on the fly.


To help you get started with MSIX app attach, I have put together a comprehensive list of resources to help you on your way.

Microsoft Resources:

Ryan Mangan’s IT BLOG Resources



A Introduction to MSIX App attach: Dynamic Application Delivery eBook

Azure Virtual Desktop Handbook: App Management | Microsoft Azure

MSIX app attach Community Tools

  • MSIX and WVD MSIX App Attach Log tool – Download here
  • MSIX App attach Image Creation tool – Download here
  • MSIX app attach Cimutil for mounting CimFS – download here
  • Mountpoints PowerShell module for CIMFS – Download here
  • MSIXMGR – Download here


Welsh User Group July 2021 – MSIX app attach Lighting talk

MSIX App attach meet the Experts Event

MVPDays – Ryan Mangan Overcoming Application Delivery Challenges with MSIX app attach

WVD Tech Fest – Ryan Mangan MSIX App Attach

MSIX AppAttach Portal | Windows Virtual Desktop

MSIX app attach in WVD – Microsoft

MSIX Tricks – Microsoft

Using MSIX App Attach with Nerdio “Neil McLoughlin”

Other Community Resources

MSIX App attach Vendors

appCURE enables IT to accelerate application capture , migration and streamline the transformation process to MSIX and MSIX app attach. appCURE captures running applications on the endpoint without worrying about finding install media and instructions. The update, remediation and capability of creating PSF fixes ready to be added, thus creating the comprehensive step change in speed at which end-user environments can be executed.

appCURE Studio, built upon appCURE’s process, has the capability to create the most optimal and best utilised environments for your application estate by automating the creation of:

  • MSI Packages
  • MSIX packages
  • MSIX App attach comprehensive tooling
  • Certification changes
  • VHD to CIMFS conversion
  • VMware App Volumes
  • Basic smoke testing
  • Reporting

You can find out more here


” The AppVentiX solution is easy to implement and provides complete control and insight in the App-V and MSIX (+ app attach) deployment, no matter if it is on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid. AppVentiX supports Microsoft (WVD), Citrix (CVAD) and VMware (Horizon) environments and integrates very well with FSlogix and profile solutions from Citrix, VMware and Ivanti.”

You can find out more here


“Windows Virtual Desktop? VMware Workspace ONE? Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops? Amazon Workspaces? Legacy VDI environments? Rimo3 Cloud will understand and test any application workloads regardless of how the business delivers applications to end-users.”

You can find out more here


“Nerdio Manager for WVD simplifies and automates the process of storing and attaching MSIX applications packaged as VHD(X) files to WVD session hosts and users making applications available to assigned users “on-the-fly” as they log into their WVD session.” – See link

You can find out more here


The above resources list will be maintained as updated over the next couple of months. If you think something is missing, feel free to let me know and I will take a look. I hope this helps those on the MSIX app attach journey.

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