Troubleshooting MSIX App attach Errors using the MSIX Log Tool


Before deploying your MSIX images to Windows Virtual Desktop for production use, you may want to test your apps first. This is to avoid disappointment and any issues with the apps. I have created a simple log tool which provides a graphic interface as well as the ability to export and clear the MSIX logs. This is a community tool for everyone to use.

Getting started

You can download the application from here: Download ME

Make sure you run the tool as an administrator to be able to clear the event log.

When you click export MSIX Logs, this will save the log file to c:\temp\MSIXLog.csv.

when clicking the button View MSIX Logs, you will be presented with a Gui view of the log file.

You can also review the application registration times from the event log as shown here:

You can check out the wiki page here:

Troubleshooting errors using the MSIX event Log · RMITBLOG/MSIX_APP_ATTACH Wiki (


You should be testing your apps before going to production. This tool helps you diagnose issues missing certificates, applications already installed or registered on the devices etc. I hope it helps and let me know if you have any feature requests.

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