MSIX App Attach Community Tooling


I am pleased to announce a new community tool I have created “MISX App Attach Community Tooling” MSIXAACT for short. After reviewing other community tools available today, I noted there is no GUI tool to quickly output single MSIX packages into all format types (VHD\VHDX\CIM) or provide the support for CIMFS.

This tool enables you to Expand MSIX’s into the MSIX image format of your choice and mount and dismount CIMFS cim images. Using either the CIMFS PowerShell Scripts or the VHD/VHDX PowerShell Scripts, you can test your Expanded MSIX Images.


  • Create the following MSIX image types: VHD/VHDX/CIM
  • CIMFS mount and Dismount supporting both volume Guid and drive letter mounting.
  • PowerShell scripts for Both VHD/VHDX and CIMFS
  • CIMFS Identification and CIMFS Sprawl
  • No Command line required.

Home Page
Create a MSIX Image
Mount and Dismount CIMFS Cim images


  • Windows 10 version 20H2 is required to use the MSIX image creation feature.
  • MSIX images to Expand.


MSIXAACT.exe Download


I hope you like the tool and feedback / feature requests are welcome. If you want me to improve the tooling, do provide feedback and what else you think I should add.


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