Automate WVD Teams Deployment Including WebRTC


This article will show you how to automate the full process of deploying Microsoft Teams on Windows Virtual Desktop. This deployment also includes the features of the recent GA of A/V redirection for Windows Virtual Desktop.

Getting Started:

  1. Download the PowerShell Script from my repository.
  2. Import the script to your Azure Storage Account.
Import the script to a Azure Storage account.

3. Go to the WVD Virtual Machine Panel and select Extensions.

4. Within the New Resource section Select “Custom Script Extension

5. Once selected, Choose the storage account and import the Script as shown in the screenshot below.

6. click Create

7. Let the magic happen.

8. Once complete, you will see the Deployment show as complete.

Video showing the process

The following Video Showing the Script running using a Custom Script Extension.

I hope this helps with the process of Deploying MS Teams to WVD with WebRTC.

7 thoughts on “Automate WVD Teams Deployment Including WebRTC

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  1. Thanks for the step-by-step. Does this script run just once with the extension? Do you have to disable it after the initial run?

  2. Nice script, Ryan. I noticed it doesn’t work if you don’t already have a temp folder in C:\. Creating one and redeploying the script works fine. I might push to your repo with a mkdir in the script, as well as using %windir% instead of hard coding C:\. Question though: Does this need to be done for all session hosts, or is there a way to load this onto the host pool and have it automatically deployed to all session hosts?

    1. Hi Andrew, Sure sounds good. You can automate Custom Script Extensions to push this out to the VM’s you like. I have made a note of your comments and will update the script.

  3. Hey Ryan,

    Do you have a chocolaty package for this as we use Chocolatey as a package management system for starting images and it would be great if we could get Teams installed as a WVD package straight away by getting this into it.


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