Whats new With Parallels RAS 17.0

Parallels recently released version 17 of its Parallels Remote Application Server (Parallels RAS). Parallels RAS 17 is an all-in-one solution that enables end users to deliver virtual desktops and business applications simply to many device types including IOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Chromebook.

Parallels has previously been positioned as a mid market VDI solution for users ranging from >500 users. Parallels has made progressive strides in a short space of time and is now considered an Enterprise ready product with customer user bases of 1000> users.

Parallels RAS’s improved management and deployment components have been well though-out and provide businesses the tools to deliver VDI and Windows applications in any cloud.

Parallels have listened to customers through feedback and feature requests detailed in the Parallels RAS forums. One of Parallel’s biggest USP’s is that they can deliver virtual desktops and applications to any user or device around the world. The use of Quick keypad provides the ability to create shortcuts for specific applications to enable the full functionality on a tablet or mobile device which is great for legacy applications.

New features and updates in Parallels RAS 17:

Session Pre-Launch: , Parallels RAS 17 uses machine learning (ML) to map user habits, daily applications, and login times. Thanks to the automatic start, employees are productive immediately at the start of work. Another advantage is the automatic host pool workload management, which reduces the high login volume during peak times. Please note: this is a client based feature.

Google Authenticator: Parallels RAS 17 integrates with the Google MFA Authenticator, providing two factor authentication. Providing this additional layer of security using a time-based one-time password (OTP) enables customers to harden client login security. There is currently no cost for using Google authenticator (free).

Individual authorisations for administrators: IT admin’s can now configure specific permissions for different users and delegate control over objects, including infrastructure components, Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH), session management, and more. This allows customer IT teams to provide access to objects to gradually control administrators access.

Windows Server 2019 support: Parallels RAS 17 supports Windows Server 2019.

Deploy Parallels RAS on the the latest Server version from Microsoft.

Web-based help desk: Version 17 introduces a Help Desk Web Console gives (delegated) administrators access to managing RDSH sessions, VDIs, and applications from a web console. Great of IT Help Desks and centralising user management from a web browser.

REST API: Parallels built on existing PowerShell API, and has introduced a new API for easier integration of planning and workflow applications. This new approach enables larger orgainisations, independent software vendors and service providers to integrate Parallels RAS into their Systems and Services. https://download.parallels.com/ras/v17/docs/en_US/Parallels-RAS-REST-API-Guide/

Improved VDI Security: You can now control VDI by dynamically managing users’ remote access rights as needed. The remote access rights are enabled when users log in and removed when logging out.

Simplified VDI and RDSH Provisioning : IT administrators can now manage, provision, and scale the end-user computing environment with advanced management capabilities of Parallels RAS for larger implementations (such as a dedicated VDI management control area). In addition, RAS now supports the KVM-based hypervisor of Scale Computing, HC3. RAS can leverage HC3’s fast thin-cloning capabilities to make VDI solutions faster, cheaper, and more user-friendly.

Enhanced HTML5 White Labeling Features: Enhanced White Labeling Options for Parallels RAS HTML5 users enable service providers and businesses to easily implement specific branding requirements for customers (such as color, logo, language, and more).

New reporting and monitoring capabilities: Managers, managers, and customers can now receive new application usage reports and gateway sessions. In addition, administrators can now create and retrieve their own custom reports. 


The introduction of pre-session launch provides a much improved end user experience as well as the support of Google 2FA which provides an additional layer of user security at no extra cost (free). The new features offered by version 17 build on security and management of the platform. Parallels RAS V17 has catered for both sides of the coin (IT admin/End user) which further strengthens their position in the End User Computing market and will help solve the customer pain points seen with other VDI solutions on the market today.

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