VMworld 2017 Europe – Day 3 –General Session 2

A great way to kick off the second day, Keynote number 2, first on stage were Sanjay Poonen, Ray O’Farrell and Pat Gelsinger, in a Q&A Session to address some of the questions submitted following on from the first keynote on Tuesday.

VMworld Q&A Execs 2017

The Q&A covered a few key areas around VMware’s strategy and technology, from Open source, NSX, containers and IoT. The evolution of technology was the main theme and it was clear that the message from VMware is that technology is evolving at speed.

Ray, VMware’s CTO then used a fictitious company called “Elastic Sky Pizza (ESP)” to demonstrate the challenges IT Department’s currently face daily in meeting the demands of customers and the business. This was carefully thought out and was simple to follow showing the real benefits of VMware’s technology.

Some of the technologies covered during this part of the keynote:

  • VMware Cloud Foundation – to stabilise the environment
  • VMware AppDefence – to secure the environment
  • vRealize Operations – for capacity planning
  • VMware Cloud on AWS – for instant capacity expansion
  • IBM Cloud for VMware solutions – for capacity expansion
  • VMware HCX Technologies – to migrate the Help Desk App

Two announcements were covered in more detail:

  • Pivotal Container Service
  • VMware AppDefense

If you did not get the opportunity to be in Barcelona and see the General Session, you can watch it here – on demand: https://www.vmworld.com/en/europe/video/general-sessions.html 

Some of the Tweets during the General Session:

A big thanks to everyone who took part in making VMworld a success this year. It was great to meet new people and catchup with partners and other professionals. I also wanted to thank the vExpert community and the Community support teams for providing a blogger pass this year.

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