VMworld 2017 Europe – Day 1 – Whats going on

So it begins, the VMworld 2017 Europe event started today preparing for the real fun that starts tomorrow with the General Sessions and all the different breakout sessions.
My focus for this year is on End User Computing (EUC), Software Defined Everything (SDE)….. and Security as the last three months of Global security relating events & news stories are showing an immediate cyber threat and risk to everyone (Businesses & Consumers).
I thought it was prudent to share my day so far as it may be of use to attendees and remote attendees who could not make it.
There is a lot to cover, so I have picked out a few areas and I’m still discovering:

Getting started: 

The first day at VMworld 2017 is great to familiarise yourself with the surroundings and enables you to setup ready for the rest of the week, allowing you to maximise your time in sessions etc. Pay attention to the General sessions which are a must. I find these a key part of the event. The VMware team share their vision and latest announcements with the rest of the world of Technology.
You can find everything you need to know before going and if you need further info while attending using the following link: https://www.vmworld.com/en/europe/know-before-you-go.html

Getting to the event:

I decided to walk on the first day, as it’s a national holiday in Barcelona and some streets are closed. The walk for me was about 50 minutes, which was quite pleasant. Along the walk, I found a few VMware representatives, directing attendees to the event which is quite useful when the location changes slightly. Point to note, google maps lied to me, it was nearly 3+km.
The VMworld address can be found at the following link:


The location has changed this year and staff were very helpful guiding delegates to the right places. As usual get your pass and then pick up the conference bag and goodies, if you haven’t been before, follow the instructions from the VMworld staff.
I had a quick stroll round and have shared a few discoveries I have found so far.


Lots of things going on this year in the VMworld, here are some of the things in the village to look out for:

VMworld Hero Gallery:

Build your own Lego. You can create a Lego representation of yourself. There are some good messages that can go as a background when you take a picture. I chose the following as it resonates with the company and my values “I am all about the customer”.
Here’s my quick go at building a Lego ME !!!

Alumni Lounge:

For all those Alumni attendees, there is a cool web cam security gift. I am not too sure it will fit on my Mac so I will test when I get home. The disclaimer does put me off a little bit.

Hands-on Labs:

Hands on labs are back sporting a yellow colour this year, I haven’t had chance to check in but it looks like there’s lots to lab and learn. #Lab&Learn

Hang Out:

There is a hang out area in the VMVillage. As it says on the tin, hanging out. Seating and colour, what more do you need…

VMTN Community:

This is where I am most likely to be…. Area for bloggers and #vBrowndbag. Guess where I write these posts!

Digital workplace Lounge:

 So there are some EUC Sessions scheduled and one in particular, “Delivering New User Experiences” With Shawn Bass….

Internet of Things Experience:

This is an interesting area to visit, I would recommend passing by if you get chance.


Looks like there is some entertainment to help pass time when you are waiting for the next breakout sessions.


 There are a number of agenda screens setup all around the event, you can also use the Mobile app which provides the same info.

VMware Store:

There is a well sized VMware store, if you need to pick up some books or gadgets.

Where can you find me ?

During the day, I’m likely to be found in the bloggers area, when I’m not in a session. Tuesday evening, I will be at the vExpert party, and I will provide further updates on my location throughout the week. I will also provide updates on twitter and on my daily blog post, of my whereabouts if needs be.

My parting comments for this post, are you using the app? if not download it and start using, it’s very useful. Look forward to my next post after the general session.



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