VMworld 2015 Europe – Day 1 Roundup

The night before set the mood for VMworld 2015 as lots of event attendees stopped by at the hard rock Cafe #vRockstar2015 which was a great opener to the annual event and was a great opportunity to catch up with fellow Techs.

As always the event started with the first general session which was different to the usual ones. Carl Eschenbach confirmed EMC’s acquisition by Dell followed by a video message from Michael Dell. Carl then gave assurances that innovation at VMware will continue and business will remain as usual.

The General session announced the following items:
  • vRealize 7 Suite (including Automation)
  • Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV)
  • Unified Hybrid Cloud
  • vSphere Integrated Containers and the Photon Platform

vRealize 7 Suite

The General Session showed us what vRealize 7 Suite will bring including the introduction of unified service blueprint capabilities to enable IT and DevOps teams.

Features include:

  • tenant branding (per-tenant)
  • No SSO any more, authentication will be handled by the appliance itself.
  • Import and export blueprints.

for more info – please click here

VMware vCloud Network Function Virtualisation (NFV)

Designed to help Telcos accelerate their implementations of Network Function Virtualisation. There is support for containers and the vSphere environment can be optimised for future telco application demands.


for more info – please click here

Unified Hybrid Cloud

VMware spoke about Unified Hybrid Cloud which focuses on SDDC and presents a new model of IT, focus much less on infrastructure and much more on innovation. Using software to replace the Physical environment which increases the elasticity in your data centre.

for more info – Click here

vSphere Integrated Containers and the Photon Platform

I particularly liked the fact VMware has embraced container technology and produced a solution for VMware customers to use the same technology in vSphere.

This is great for the company’s who want to leverage existing VMware infrastructure.

integrated Containers

I won’t mention too much on this as I have a dedicated post on this but VMware have announced the Photon platform which includes a Microvisor based on ESX which is to support all those application creators.
Photon Platform
The Two platforms along side each other:
 I spent most of the day in sessions but did get chance to have a look around the hang space:
Hanging Space

Lots to do there including hands on labs, games, and VMware’s vGiveback.

Well, that concludes the first day and I look forward to reporting back on the second day tomorrow.

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