A world without Microsoft Threat Management Gateway (TMG) using KEMP | Ask the Experts Webinar – July 3rd

TMG Webinar_SysTech

I am presenting this Friday “July the 3rd” with a technical deep dive into securing applications with KEMP Technologies Edge Security Pack (ESP).

You can Sign up Here: Join Webinar


“Take a deep breath and don’t panic. With mainstream support for Microsoft Threat Management Gateway (TMG) having ended on April 15th, you need to look for replacement options when it comes to your reverse proxy. 

A KEMP LoadMaster Load Balancer is a great solution for filling the gap left by TMG being retired. See how KEMP Load balancers, with a built-in Web Application Firewall (AFP) can provide the security and comfort you need in a post TMG world.

The KEMP Edge Security Pack (ESP) which includes:
– Reverse proxy
– Single Sign-on
– Active Directory Integration
– Pre-Authentication
– Certificate based authentication
– RADIUS Support
– Persistent Logging and reporting
– Enhanced Security
– Dual Factor Authentication with RSA SecurID  “

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