RemoteApp POC/LAB RDS 2012 Single Server Deployment Script

I have written a Powershell Script to deploy RDS 2012 Single Server RemoteApp Proof of concept or lab deployment.

This script deploys a fully functional/preconfigured RDS deployment for use in a Proof of concept or Lab environment. The script deploys all the roles required for RDS and configures self assigned certificates for all roles.

The script asks a series of questions before the deployment:

  1. Servername: use the FQDN
  2. Session Collection Name: give the collection a name
  3. Collection Description: Give the collection a name
  4. Domain: enter the Domain
  5. Certificate Password: This is for the self assigned certificates
  6. RD Gateway FQDN: provide a external FQDN for the Gateway Role.

RDS Deployment Powershell Script

You can Download the script here

4 thoughts on “RemoteApp POC/LAB RDS 2012 Single Server Deployment Script

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  1. Hi Ryan, thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience on RDSH configuration and setups.

    Just curious to find out if this deployment script would also work on 2012R2?

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