5 thoughts on “RDS 2012 R2 Apps and Session’s using UPD Issue

  1. Another thing I noticed with this on Server 2012R2 – It used to be possible on 2008R2 to use the SecurityDescriptor registry value to limit the visibility of the Remote Desktop link in RDWA. However, even when this SecurityDescriptor is set manually on 2012R2, it is not obeyed and instead the Remote Desktop link is made available to all users of the Collection.

  2. Hi Ryan,
    What would be the best practice to make the UPD highly available ?
    I currently defined the location on the first session host, and I am about to add a second session host and assign the same collection (RemoteApps only) to achieve high availability, but if the UPDs are defined in one server and do not replicate – it may be a problem, if SH1 goes down, right ?
    I just would like to know if there is a best practice for synching the UPDs on more than one server.

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