RDS Session Deployment Powershell Script for RDS 2012

I recently wrote a PowerShell script to speed up the process of deploying a RDS session deployment and its required infrastructure (connection Broker, Web Access Server, and Session Host).

I have also found that when you run RDS PowerShell deployment scripts on the target servers you receive error messages with regards to restarting the server. It is suggested that you run the deployment script on a domain member server and one which is not the target server. This is because the target servers will need to restart during the installation.

RDS Powershell error

(Some Details Omitted)

You may also need to code sign the following scripts or set the execution policy to unrestricted (Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted). Another way round this would be to copy the PowerShell scripts into new local scripts.

The Script

Single Server Deployment

Multi Server Deployment

Running the Script:



Once complete you will see your completed deployment:


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