Configuring vSphere HA Isolation Responces 5.1

When carrying out maintenance on Vcenter it is important to disable Enable Host Monitoring.

ESX monitoring

You can also configure advanced isolation response address’s.  for more information, please see VMware’s support document :

ESX monitoring-adva

9 thoughts on “Configuring vSphere HA Isolation Responces 5.1

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  1. Hi Ryan, I have set up a remote apps on Windows server 2012, and when I try to email out with the remote apps, it take 5mins email out. I am wonder any firewall or filter that I can edit to enable the email get faster?

    1. this can be a number of things, I don’t believe that it would be a firewall issue. I would check the configuration of the session host.

      Best Regards,

      1. thanks for reply. where I can configure the session host, is it on the RDS server? cheers

      2. I am running a software on the server, yes, its remote app that emailing very slow, when I log in to the server and email through the application, it working fine. just email through remote app slow when attache file around 100k, however if email without any attachment, it will going ok. any idea why? thanks

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