Creating a Remote Desktop Session Collection RDS 2012

In this post, I will be showing you how to create a Remote Desktop Session Collection. Before you are  able to create a Desktop Session connection you will need to have installed the Remote Desktop Services Roles as shown in a previous post (Click Here).

Create a desktop Session Collection1

Tasks > Create Session Collection

Create a desktop Session Collection2

Create a desktop Session Collection3

Enter collection name and descripton.

Create a desktop Session Collection4

Add the Session Host servers to the collection.

Create a desktop Session Collection5

specify the user group that require access.

Create a desktop Session Collection6

Specify a location for the profile disks and Maximum size, if you are wanting to use UPD’s. In this demonstration I will be using a local directory, but for production environments i would recommended to use a file share.

Create a desktop Session Collection7

Create a desktop Session Collection9

Create a desktop Session Collection10

Create a desktop Session Collection11

12 thoughts on “Creating a Remote Desktop Session Collection RDS 2012

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  1. I have set this up successfully, now something that should be simple is escaping me at the moment. Clicking the RDP Icon on the RDweb page connects me to either of my two session hosts, great that’s just what I want, two session hosts load balanced. But I would also like that same RDP icon that achieves this on users desktops without having for first login to the rdweb portal.

  2. Configure the Remote Application and Desktop Connections (RADC) on your Clients and they get the links synchronized to their Computers (Control Panel –> RemoteApp and Desktop Connections, enter webfeed, done)

  3. Trying to create a second session collection but no server found in the server pool for session host .
    How do I manually add a server or how do I group the session by user group

      1. Good Afternoon I am having the same problem as Nick…I’m not sure what you mean by “un Configured” Session host? do I need to delete the current collection and start anew?

  4. What if you have thin clients with mstsc and you want to connect to the session collection? How do i know/configure what they use to connect? Would it be the session collection name or connection broker name that has the collection?

    1. Yes it is possible. you can use a load balancer for this. one point to note, you will need to disable redirection on the connection brokers via group policy.

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