RDS 2012 Publishing a RemoteApp

This is a quick Post to show how to publish a RemoteApp on RDS 2012.

The PowerShell way:

Load the RemoteDesktop PowerShell Module

import-module RemoteDesktop

Before publishing a new RemoteApp you want to see the available applications:

Get-RDAvailableApp -CollectionName <SessionCollection> -ConnectionBroker <Server FQDN>

Creating a New RemoteApp

new-rdremoteapp -Alias Wordpad -DisplayName WordPad -FilePath "C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories\wordpad.exe" -ShowInWebAccess 1 -collectionname <SessionCollection> -ConnectionBroker <Server FQDN>

The GUI way:

Publishing remote apps1

Select Tasks > Publish RemoteApp Programs

Publishing remote apps2

Select the application you would like to add.

Publishing remote apps3

Confirm that you are happy with the applications you would like to publish.

Publishing remote apps4

Publishing remote apps5

Publishing remote apps6

As you can see from the screenshot, Wordpad has now been published.

To remove a RemoteApp in PowerShell:

The following PowerShell cmd will remove a RemoteApp.

Remove-RDRemoteApp -CollectionName "Session Collection" -Alias WordPad

24 thoughts on “RDS 2012 Publishing a RemoteApp

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  1. Hi,
    What can i do if I have one application in one host only and i have several RDS host? how can I remoteapp and select an specific host? is there a way to do that?


    1. If you have multiple session servers grouped into one session collection, the Remote connection broker will redirect to the server with the RemoteApp. This means that there would be no configuration requirement.

      Best Regards,

  2. Just a quick correction: The command to list the current RemoteApps is “Get-RDRemoteApp”, not “Get-RDAvailableApp”.

    1. Hi,

      I have checked this Cmdlet and it is correct.

      Please see the following link from TechNet: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj215457.aspx

      Example 1: Retrieve the list of applications available to be published for a Session Collection

      This command retrieves a list of the applications available from the session collection named Session Collection, on the RD Connection Broker server named Rdcb.Contoso.com.

      Windows PowerShell

      PS C:\> Get-RDAvailableApp -CollectionName “Session Collection” –ConnectionBroker “Rdcb.Contoso.com”

      Best Regards,

  3. RemoteApp programs to server 2012 Metro user interface, can i insert? ThinClient for sessions! I’m sorry for bad english.

  4. Hi I’m experiencing a strange issue, i have created 3 rdp icons and login to first rdp app with credentials and then close it. Then i launch second rdp app and it didn’t asked me for credentials and automatically piked up the credentials used against previous app. please help.

    1. Hi Sandeep, I’m not too sure what you are trying to ask ,

      Do you want to rename the session server

      Or are you wanting to change something in the rdp file ?

      If you can clarify and confirm what you are trying to achieve, I will try and help you.

      Best regards,

  5. Hi Ryan,

    In my scenario i have created 2 rdp icons and during testing first worked fine but when i launced second rdp icon it didn’t asked me for login credentials and automatically picked up the login details from previous remote app and here’s the issue rise. I noticed that as FQDN on both rdp icons are same as published from same RD session host server it didn’t ask for the credentials. I want all rdp apps to ask for login details during connect hence need to change the FQDN in rdp file. If you connect to my pc i’ll can show you the issue.

    Please help me to resolve this issue as since last week i’m struggling on this issue and if this not resolved i have to use RDS 2008.

    Many Thanks,

    1. have a look at the following document, http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff393660(v=ws.10).aspx

      “prompt for credentials on client:i:1”

      This would ask users for the credentials.

      I would recommend downloading a rdp file from the RDweb portal, using Google chrome and suggest comparing yours to the one you downloaded.

      I am surprised that you are not using RDweb feed to distribute remote apps. Have a look at the following link, this works for windows 7 and 8.


  6. Hi Ryan,

    I have downloaded the rdp file from Chrome as guided and on comparison found both rdp files same.

    I have done with DNS settings but failed to get remote apps with RD web feed as encounter untrusted site warning hence i’m in process of getting wildcard SSL from CA.

    In domain user properties i’m unable to set remote desktop services startup program, My program is in C:\program files\.. error – parameter is incorrect whereas i verified that path is correct. Any guess ?


  7. Hi Ryan,

    I have installed the SSL cert on RDS server and now RD webfeed working fine for distributing remote apps but now new problem arise. I have published 4 apps on RDS server and on client machine after entering url feed, authentication it downloaded all published apps on clients pc instead of specific apps for that client. please help.

    Many Thanks,

    1. Hi Sandeep, please take note that, if you are using other custom rdp properties, you will need to incorporate them in to the same line. otherwise you will loose the setting previously configured.

  8. I have a problem creating RemoteApps using the PowerShell Cmdlet.

    It creates the app fine and it is accessible through the website to the groups I specified during creation but it will not show in the RemoteApp Programs section in the Server Manager window.
    I can see the app if I do a Get-RemoteApp in PS but it just won’t show it in the management GUI, I tried refreshing it several times already.
    I think it is a bug but wanted to see if anyone has run into this issue before.
    I am using Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard.

  9. The gui for publishing remoteapps is rubbish. To modify the alias or the icon, I have to use powershell, so I might as well use powershell for the whole process. Yet another FAIL by Microsoft! Also not being able to put 2k8 remoteapps in folders is another FAIL! I’ve worked around this by using passthru rdp, grabbing icons off the web and using my 2k8 RDS servers to produce rdp files. Using powershell to extract icons from apps worked but associating those icons with the remoteapps didn’t cuz they didn’t know wtf they were! Oh and Paint couldn’t save as an ico, so I had to use my linux desktop and Gimp to create usable ico files. So lame.

      1. Is there a way to export and import the RemoteApp configuration on 2012 R2? I found instructions for 2008 R2 using RemoteApp Manager but can’t find that on 2012. Is there a way to do it using Remote PowerShell?

  10. Thank you Ryan for this information!

    When we deploy an RemoteApp on other computers then our own (not in our domain) the password will not been saved. The RemoteApp automatically logged in for one day. The next day they must enter there password again.

    Do you have an solution for this?

  11. Hi Ryan,
    When I use the GUI I get the UNC error. When I follow your powershell command I get a bunch of errors
    No session collection (Collection Name) was Found


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