Remote Desktop Services 2012 Single Sign on (SSO)


Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS) 2012 requires DTLS, and RDP 8.0 support before SSO will work with windows 7 SP1 clients.

You would also be required to enable the MsRdpClientShell Class (ActiveX Control) if you want to use SSO from the website.

  • Ensure that you have Windows 7 SP1
  • Download and install KB2574819 and restart the windows 7 client.
  • Download and install KB2592687 and restart the Windows 7 client.
  • Reset the internet explorer settings to the default configuration by navigating to advanced internet options settings.
  • Load the Remote Desktop website from internet explorer using a version 9 browser.
  • You should then be prompted with a popup stating the webpage wants to run the following add-on: ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Web Access Con.. ‘ from‘ Microsoft Corporation’.
  • Allow this.
  • You can check whether the add-on is enabled by navigating to manage add-ons within the options menu. Look for the MsRdpClientShell Class ActiveX Control version 6.2.9200.16398.

You should now be able to load the Remote Desktop services 2012 website and launch remote apps and desktops using single sign on (SSO)

4 thoughts on “Remote Desktop Services 2012 Single Sign on (SSO)

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  1. Our users can only launch published apps once, then they will be unable to launch any of them the next time they logged in. We cannot find any errors in the event viewer. Resetting the Internet Explorer will allow them to log in again. Any suggestion what to look for to fix this issue?

  2. Thank you. Your post saved my day. I was having issue with RDS SSO, and I realized it could be related with RDP client version. I followed your recommendation and it worked right way. Nice job!

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