Download All System Center documentation for Offline use

Marcelo Sincic has posted some very usful links for the System Center 2012 Stack to assist with design and deployment.

Marcelo Sincic

Some documentations is updated in November/2012.

A some people have information about offline availability of the entire TechNet and MSDN library on certain products for offline reading.

This feature was already possible for TechNet and MSDN subscribers by means of DVDs called Library that accompanied the medias, but in recent Microsoft products now available in CHM format (Help), DocX and PDF. For example, the PDF of the SCCM 2102 has over 2,000 pages.

The availability of these documents is important for professionals who work with these products and are not always with active connection or want to read these documents as reference material. Of course that is not like a book edited for ease of use by profesional that do not use the product and do not know where the book is geared to give the basis and foundations with examples and logical structuring of topics, while technical and documentation…

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