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This post will show you how to configure both RDWEB and Gateway roles on a KEMP Load Master. Some important info before we start, Before Server 2012, the RD Gateway used a single HTTP Channel. Post Server 2012, the RD Gateway uses two channels (one for Input & one for Output). This means that these channels need to be…

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So after reading about EVO RAIL, I had to go and see what all the fuss was all about and I am pleased to say its awesome. a great idea which works ! So what is EVO Rail ….. ? well Simplicity is the opposite to complexity and EVO RAIL removes complexity . What do I mean by that ?…

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Check out the Keynote presentation from VMworld 2014 Barcelona. VMware’ strategy for 2014 focuses on the following areas: Software-Defined Data Center Hybrid Cloud End User Computing

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So VMware announced the release of vRealize Log Insight 2.5 today. One of the new features which comes with Log Insight is a Internal Load Balancer. The Internal Load Balancer is for scale out, allowing you to load balance and scale out from out of the box. This has not been possible in previous versions, you needed…

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A quick article on the features of the future release of Remote Desktop Services for Windows Server.

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I have created a 6 Part Series on how to use KEMP’s Load Master to create a Scalable VMware Log Insight Solution. Please see Part 1 to 6 > Part 1 : Deploying the Master Node Part 2 : Deploying the Worker Nodes Part 3 : Load Balancing Log Insight with KEMP Part 4 : Forward Log Events…

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